Highlander of the 84th Royal Highland Emigrants 2nd Battalion, North American Campaign, 1783

Portraits , November 1, 2017

I met with Alistair at the last minute as a result of a lucky break in bad weather.  This portrait series is part of a larger collection of work depicting the history of Atlantic Canada.  The environmental portraits were exciting of course; I photographed Alistair at the Antigonish Landing, the same location I photographed Brian MacLeod (the piper of the 84th Highlanders).  I was especially excited to photograph the initial portraits against my new grey canvas backdrop, custom ordered and hand painted by Sarah Oliphant in Brooklyn, NY.  Sarah Oliphant is well known for her custom backdrops used by well known photographers around the world including Annie Leibovitz, Joey L and Peter Hurley.  The Oliphant backdrop is an exciting addition to my studio and will be used for future professional headshots, and individual creative and fine-art portraits.

I hope you enjoy the portraits as much as I enjoyed composing them.















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