MacDonald-MacPhee Family

I was excited when Mary-Ellen contacted me for a family portrait session.  Not only had she selected one of my favourite locations (Arisaig Beach), but she works at the same school board I had been a teacher with in Ottawa.  When the family arrived, I gave a bit of my personal background and explained why I’m based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia (spoiler alert: because it’s the best place in the world).  Mr. MacDonald shared that he’s the new President of St. Francis Xavier University!  What an exciting surprise!  Everyone in the family were great subjects.  The siblings warmly heckled each other, picking on whomever was in front of my lens, eliciting some great natural smiles and expressions.

A few of my favourite images include that image of their daughter by herself, sitting on the rocks, because it was a spontaneous and candid image that was taken when her parents and I had finished wrapping up some couple images.  I also like the last image where the fishing boat is in the background.  Mr. MacDonald had asked me if I could get the boat in the background and I was still manoeuvring around for the perfect angle when the motor sprang to life and the boat started taking off.  I’m pretty sure his smile is so excellent in that last frame because he’s laughing at me a bit.  Totally understandable 🙂  Not even an uncommon reaction to my behind the camera persona.

All told a lovely family and I look forward to seeing Kent MacDonald around town as the new President of St. Francis Xavier University!


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