84th Regiment Nova Scotia – With Brian MacLeod

My good friend Brian MacLeod has again graced Antigonish town and county with his presence and music.  He was live-action role playing (LARP), or part of a historical reenactment of the 84th Regiment of Nova Scotia for the Antigonish Highland Games.

The 84th Regiment is described as:

“The 84th of Foot Second Battalion Regimental Association is a volunteer non-profit and self-funded organization dedicated to the research, preservation and authentic re-creation of a military regiment, camp and community as it existed during the period of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). As living history re-enactors, members of the Association strive to maintain a high standard of authenticity in re-creating and re-enacting all aspects of life (both military and civilian) during the mid to late 18th century. Members of this Society come from all walks of life and hail from communities throughout Nova Scotia.

Members of the group share many things in common, but above all things, they are bound by their common interest in history and the desire to preserve and portray that history. Some members are descendants of soldiers in the original 84th Regiment.”

The portrait shoot had a few elements working against it.  Over cast weather for the majority of the day, Brian’s wet bagpipes (a result of said weather), and last minute arrangements.  That said, a serendipitous sun broke through and delivered a very nice backdrop at the Antigonish Landing.

Brian, explained the 84th Regiment as a militia which was assembled on behalf of England to battle colonialists.  The militia members were often payed in land grands, some of which still exist today in Pictou County!























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