Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I pick you to be my photographer?
We’re living in the information age and digital photography has never been as prevalent as it is today.  Every second, millions of images are being taken and uploaded to the internet using everything from professional cameras to mobile phones.  While there is no shortage of photographers, professional photographers offer a completely different value.  Professional photographers have invested themselves in portraits they will take for you.  Professional photographers have invested significant time and expense in educating themselves about their equipment, posing, lighting, and their industry in general.  Hiring me as a professional portrait photographer benefits you, the client, because you reap the rewards of the investments I’ve made in my education and equipment.  While it’s true that hiring another professional photographer whose portfolio you also enjoy will bring you relatively equal returns on your investment, there are several points of interest about me that make my photography unique.  I completed an undergraduate degree in sociology and anthropology because I have a genuine curiosity and interest in human beings.  I completed a second degree in education because my interest in photography is so strong that I chose to teach photography and fine art at the High School level for nearly ten years.  I have had the benefit of years of experience in commercial photography.  My images have been reviewed by some of the best curators and editors in the photography industry at Getty Images.  I’ve been published in the Huffington Post and the New York Times, and my commercial clients have included Microsoft and Lloyd’s Bank.  My interest in people prompts me to dig down and capture the very essence in an individual; it also allows me to remain relaxed and personable with my clients, ensuring they’re relaxed and confident demeanor is reflected back in the portraits I take of them.
What happens after I've booked you?
  Once you’ve decided to book me for your wedding or portrait, we’ll arrange a consultation over the phone or in person, to discuss any necessary details.  I like to do this within a week or two, so that when we touch base again before the wedding or meet at your portrait shoot, we’re already familiar.   Once you’ve booked me, feel free to contact myself or my receptionist at any time if you have any questions or concerns.  
How far will you travel and what is your fee?
I love shooting all over the Maritimes.  For anything over 50 kilometres outside of Antigonish, I charge a $.50/km + HST mileage fee.
What should I wear to my portrait session?
The first consideration when choosing wardrobe for a portrait session should be comfort.  Do you feel comfortable in your own skin and are you dressed for the weather are two questions you should be asking yourself before your shoot.  The second consideration is more of a generalization, which is that earth tones always  photograph the best (grey, beige, green, brown, etc).  The third consideration is what the background is going to be.  You want to stand out against the background.  This means, if you’re getting photographed on a white sandy beach, you want to wear dark clothes to stand out;  if you’re being photographed in a dark forest, you want to wear lighter clothes.  The final consideration is that solid colors are always preferable to busy patterns and clothing with logos. Small logos (like a Polo logo) are not a problem, as they can be removed easily in post-production.
When can I expect to receive my proofs?
Because I’m a low-volume photographer, I tend to return images to clients extraordinarily quickly.  It’s not uncommon for portrait subjects to receive their proofs within a few days and for wedding clients to receive their images within a week or two.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment is processed online prior to the booking, and then again when you place your order.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, bank transfer, and e-mail money transfer.  Prices don’t include HST.
When is payment due?
For weddings, we require a $100 retainer fee to secure the date and the balance must be paid at least one week prior to the wedding.  Print orders must be placed within six weeks.  For fine art portraits, we require a $50 retainer fee and the balance can be paid on or prior to the day of the shoot.  Print orders must be placed within three weeks. The retainer fee is non-refundable and will be put towards the cost of your session. Prices don’t include HST.
Who owns the rights to the images?
The images I take while I’m commissioned by you are shared between us. I encourage you to share the images, as long as you don’t enter any of my photographs in contests or claim that you took them yourself. When you receive your screen-resolution images, feel free to share them all over social media – and please tag us in them (we’re a small business, we love that!).  I retain the right to use the images for my website and self-promotion, but I’ll be sure not to share it if you ask me not to. 




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