Jamie & Jessica

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings in a lot of different places throughout the calendar year, and until this August I managed to have not yet photographed a wedding that experienced even a small degree of rain!  I must admit I was a little anxious about it.  I had to tell myself, I’m here as a photographer.  I control the images, and not the weather… and that’s ok.  If I had known Jamie and Jessica I would have felt much more at ease.  This wedding was by far one of my favourites.  I had my lovely and charming wife with me as my lighting assistant, and the whole ride home we talked about how much fun we had, and how genuine the couple and their families were.  During the music and dancing, I had so many people approach me with such kind words about my presence and how pleasant I was as a photographer.  The truth is, I was just mirroring back all the happiness and joy of the day.  I couldn’t stop smiling!

Oh yeah.. I was talking about rain.  Precipitation was touch and go throughout the day.  We’d get a light sprinkle, and then it’d stop for a while, and so on.  There was a show of faith just before the ceremony had started.  All the outside furniture had been moved inside (because of the weather), but literally five minutes before the ceremony was to start, a last minute decision was made, in a break of rainy bouts, to move all the furniture back outside for an outdoors ceremony.  It worked!  No rain for the entire ceremony.  It did rain right after the ceremony, so we waited and then moved quickly for the group photos.  Then rain again (you can see images below of the wedding party running for cover.. I love these).  Then the couple and I made for the beach for the portraits of Jamie and Jessica.  The rain held out until the very end.. and then.. a kind of calm acceptance.  We walked.  We got wet in the rain, and we captured some beautiful and authentic images.

Thanks Jamie and Jessica, I’m awfully glad you found each other.  Congratulations.


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