Environmental Portrait Photography: Tom Curry – Antigonish Musician

I had the pleasure of photographing the charming and whimsical Tom Curry yesterday at the Townhouse Pub and Eatery in Antigonish.  The Townhouse is a great location for an environmental portrait, with their varied artifacts and cozy ambiance.  The Townhouse also boasts the finest single malt scotch whiskeys in town.  Tom Curry is a household name in Antigonish, and I was really grateful to have an hour of his time to capture some environmental portraits of him in one of his favourite haunts.  Tom has got a lot of projects on the go right now.  He’s writing and performing his own material, playing with the band “Scrapes“, working as a pioneer in the music therapy field as well as other initiatives that will begin this fall.  I had a few ideas before we met up.  Primarily, I had a mental image of Tom sitting at the bar with this back toward me and I was most excited about executing that concept.  The owners of the Townhouse were generous enough to let me in an hour before opening, and their staff were very accommodating as they navigated around us and our equipment as they tried to set up.  That one image of Tom sitting at the bar was the last one, and my giant light and diffuser (umbrella type thing) were literally blocking the entrance to the Townhouse as the first customers were showing up.  Luckily the shot really came together quickly so I was able to break down all my equipment just in the nick of time.  I’m really happy with this set of images, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!















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