Chiara & Luke – Engagement Portraits

Weddings , January 1, 2017

Chiara had contacted me about engagement photos several weeks prior.  Somewhere between Chiara and Luke being students at St. Francis Xavier University (with exams), and unpredictable Nova Scotia Decembers our appointments had bounced three times!  After our phone consultation, the couple told me they were keen on having portraits on a beach with an Atlantic Canada feel to them.

It’s safe to say, we all knew that the beach was going to be cold in December.  What we didn’t know was that we were getting a perfect storm.  An excellent representation of early winter on Canada’s north-eastern shore.  The photo shoot was to take place on Arisaig Beach, and right from the morning there was blowing snow and -20 winds, gusting to 70km/hr!

That said, a perfect photography storm was brewing as well.  The gusting winds brought the waves to an exhilarating swell, the blowing snow gave a pristine gentle touch, the wind was great for blowing Chiara’s hair, the sun was setting over the water and the sky was turning some wonderful colours.

This was a tough cold shoot, but though the brave determination of this wonderful couple and my brave lighting assistant, Taryn, we got some great images.








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