Brophy Family Portraits

Sean is a family man, that’s how I know him.  He’s other things as well: a very highly regarded tattooist, a successful business owner, a mason, a Ju Jitsu enthusiast, but I mostly think of him as a family man and a really stand up guy.  His children are a testament to how truly fantastic he and his wife Tanya are.  Family dynamics are very warm with these folks.

We met in the eastern part of Antigonish County for the family portraits, near where the Brophys live.  As with many parts of Antigonish County and in Nova Scotia generally, beautiful portrait backdrops are easy to come by.  We moved around, starting with a bench, then some tall grass and finished up near a small pond and then the shoreline for some individual photos.

The weather was broody and moody and I had a feeling Sean would like that aesthetic.  I offered a “rain date” more sun, but he correctly pointed out that overcast skies make for the best lighting.  I was a little nervous about chasing the scarce light at the end of the day, but we got through all the combinations we had set out to get, and I think they turned out quite well indeed.  Here are a few of my favorites:










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