Antigonish Agricultural Exhibition

I was hired by Atlantic Lottery to take some commercial photography at the Antigonish Agricultural Exhibition.  Atlantic Lottery is a sponsor of this and many other events throughout the Atlantic region.  I elected to capture my images on Wednesday because of the diversity of interesting events taking place.  As it turns out, a lot of the events taking place on Wednesday were youth oriented.  From 4H programing, to kids activities to competitions for budding agriculturalists, it was no wonder there were a lot of young Antigonish attendees while I was there.

In commercial photography, it’s important to ensure that subject’s faces aren’t recognizable for legal reasons.  Because I thought it might be challenging to get images that fit that order, I suggested to the folks at Atlantic Lottery, that I take some talent/model releases with me, and get people (and their parents) to sign them so we could get permission for some really interesting environmental portraits for their campaign.  They were excited about the idea and even supplied me with their own releases.  I was also really happy to do the type of portrait photography that I love most.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the event and some of the budding agriculturalists!


Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 1

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 2

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 3

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 4

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 5

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 7

Nova Scotia Portrait Photographer 6









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