Newest Portraits – Land and See 3

I’m excited to share this collection of my most recent portraits.  The following images were taken over the course of three days at a recent photography workshop hosted by friend and Idol, Dave Brosha.  The annual workshop has turned into something of a fun summer camp for a growing community of photographers from around the world, and this year did not disappoint for inspiration.  My goals going into the week were to shoot outside my comfort zone.  The two main switch ups this time were to a) shoot females!  My portfolio has become pretty fella intensive as of late, and it was high time for a change.  b) I wanted to shoot with a 5ft softbox/octa diffuser.  I’ve become more than accustomed to shooting with my 3ft octa for one or two subjects.  The 5ft octa creates such soft beautiful light that really compliments female subjects, but it’s difficult to control, hence the practice time.

On to the portraits!

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