A Few Of My Favorite Recent Portraits

I’ve been very busy with a wide diversity of portrait photography.  Some of it has been personal, others portrait, commissioned, learning and creative portfolio.  Some of my favorite images here were taken during a recent “Character Portrait” photography workshop facilitated by friend and inspiration Dave Brosha, and new friend and inspiration Wayne Simpson.  I’ve been experimenting lately with cinematic coloring with a muted color palate.  This means that the darkest parts of my images have a bit of blue, while the lightest parts have a bit of red and the middle parts have a bit of green.  I’ve also been really inspired by legendary portrait photographer (the best in the world today): Annie Leibovitz.  Her portraits are really pushing me toward in-studio fine art portraits in a classic Vanity Fair style.  I’m really excited for a full summer of diverse portraits!  🙂



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