Patrick And Kimberley’s Family Portrait – Antigonish Cape Breton

Sometimes I get really nervous before a shoot.  Days before even.  I think nervous energy motivates me to focus and harness my creativity.  This family portrait is one of those shoots.  Folks who know Pat and Kim would think a shoot with these two would be the last shoot I should be nervous about.  They’re both exceptionally nice and warm people who are really well regarded in Antigonish.  Patrick is also a really funny guy, and his intelligence often materializes in a great sense of humour.  These folks are also pals of mine, which might have upped the nervousness factor a bit for me (which might seem counter-intuitive).

Having been a photographer of many family portraits in Antigonish and Cape Breton, I’ve come to learn that where young children are involved (Pat and Kim have a toddler), it’s best to stay very relaxed and calm, and not put a lot of emphasis or attention to the photographer/photography.  I’ve found that when adult voices go high-pitched and are directed at the children, the little ones can sometimes buckle under the pressure.  Luckily Patrick and Kimberley are relaxed folk and their little one thrived during the shoot.  I’ll go further than that, and suggest that she actually made the shoot.  There was one occasion, where I actually looked at the back of the camera and said “yeah right”.  I couldn’t believe how perfectly wonderful she was.  Happy, curious, energetic and playful, their little one was just her natural self, quite oblivious to the camera, and the ever relaxing fellow behind it.

I’d like to share some of my favourite images from our shoot below!



























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