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Located at 268 Main St. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, John David Photography is the local choice for formal graduation portraiture, fine art portraits and professional head-shots and branding portraits. We pride ourselves on our flexible, convenient appointment times and great value.

To book an appointment, please send an email to:

What To Expect:

What happens when I book an appointment?
When you send an email to: indicating you’d like to book an appointment for formal graduation portraits or professional headshots, you’ll get a friendly response from my receptionist, Eleanor. Eleanor will find an appointment time that works for you, as well as send you a .PDF file outlining the print packages, digital files, and their corresponding prices. You’ll be communicating with Eleanor from initial email until your prints (which she personally packages) are sent in the mail. Eleanor is a warm and excellent Administrative Services Manager.
What are the appointments like?
Appointment times generally run from about 20-40 minutes. It’s best to show up right on time to avoid running into another person’s appointment. I move my graduate subjects through four physical orientations and within each of those, three or four facial expressions. All the expressions generated are natural, and all the direction you need is provided. After the shoot, I review the images on the back of my camera with the subject. There’s always an opportunity to re-shoot a sequence on the spot to make any changes we want.
What happens after the shoot?
Proofs are usually emailed to the subject less than 24 hours after the shoot. The images have a screen sized resolution, are watermarked and are not yet re-touched. Once the image or images are selected and ordered, we’ll send the printable, high-resolution version of the image or images off to our graphic designers for professional retouching. Retouching is usually finished within 24 hours of the order being placed. A screen resolution version of that image, without any watermark is sent to the subject to review and if they wish, share on social media. The printable resolution of the image is sent to the dedicated printers and is usually ready for shipping withing three to six weeks. There are no additional charges for retouching or shipping!
What's involved with re-touching?
Basic professional retouching is applied to all the images that have been ordered. Basic retouching includes: gentle skin smoothing and blemish removal, fly-away hair removal, (sometimes) teeth whitening. Any other retouching can be done free of charge once it’s been specifically requested. This can include braces removal (when possible), glasses glare removal (when necessary), scar removal, etc..
Do you provide the gown and hood (sashy-thingy)?
We do indeed!  High School grads need to bring their own gown and hood (and cap if you’d like to be photographed with one).
What should I wear
Traditionally, women wear a low collared shirt that won’t show at the top of the gown. It’s also recommended that make-up be applied lightly, especially foundation and concealer, as it can appear quite pronounced in high resolution photography. Traditionally men have been advised to wear a white collared shirt and a (black) tie, and to be freshly shaven, or otherwise well groomed.
What if I need a re-shoot?
It’s our belief you should only have to pay one sitting fee to get the excellent formal portrait that will continue to be relevant and cherished in the future. Regardless of whether or not we were the first photographer, or even if you left our studio saying you were happy with the images on the back of the camera, re-shoots are free of charge. If you and/or the people you love are unable to find an image among the proofs that you’re all completely happy with, you may re-book an appointment within three weeks and we’ll troubleshoot together until we get it right.
What if I miss my appointment?
A missed appointment fee is $55 and the sitting fee is still required.  If you know you won’t be able to make the appointment, provide at least 12 hours notice to avoid the missed appointment fee.

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