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Commercial , August 19, 2015

Everywhere I go, people are turning their yards into their own personal produce store.  I wanted to learn more about this emerging trend, so I went to an expert in Antigonish County: Scott Christensen.

When I showed up in the Garden he was working in, I was blown away to see a virtual Eden growing right here in Antigonish County.  Scott was a flurry of activity, and the fruit of his labour is evident in the photos and in his services and products.

Scott has a passion to help you and your family grow the freshest, healthiest local food possible. His interest in horticultural started after he was accepted into an intensive Organic farm internship. After ten years of conventional landscape work he has found that there is a renewed interest in food production and has started Antigonish Edibles a landscape company based on growing edibles. Utilizing existing flower beds as well as more traditional vegetable garden plots he has helped numerous clients develop beautiful food producing landscapes and renovate existing orchards and vineyards that are in need of maintenance. His biggest project which is depicted here, portrays a more conventional garden plot with extensive use of companion plantings that include medicinal and culinary herbs and flowers, perennial vegetables such as asparagus and jerusalem artichoke as well as an orchard, berry patch and small vineyard. Scott has always felt that food production should be regarded as an essential part of any homeowners landscape providing both beauty and food security. You can contact Scott for any of your gardening needs. From consultations, garden clean ups, installations, orchard/vineyard pruning, pest control and anything else related to food production Scott can help you find your way. His contact number is (902) 870-6476 or find him on Facebook at Antigonish Edibles.




























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