Felicia & Mark

Felicia & Mark were happily married yesterday evening, and I’m already getting the teasers online!  Not bad eh?  Also a pretty good indicator that I’m headed into a very busy week.

This was the first wedding I’ve photographed since announcing on my Facebook Business Page, that I’m now a full time professional freelance portrait photographer.  Which is to say, I’m available for portrait photography when couples book in the future.  If a couple places a high priority on portrait photography on their big day, then my coverage might make sense, where the ceremony, reception photos, etc.. might be covered by other guests or another photographer.

Which is also to say, the next wedding I have (in October) will be my last as a conventional wedding photographer.

I’ve really enjoyed wedding photographer, but I’ve come to appreciate that portraits are always my favorite part of a wedding because that’s where my passion is.  I’ve always been rewarded professionally by following my passion, and as such, am really looking forward to my future as a full time Canadian portrait photographer, based in Nova Scotia.

These images of Mark & Felicia show two people that have really found their soul mates, amid beautiful backdrops like Nova Scotia scenery and the striking Crystal Cliffs wedding venue.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do.














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