Matt & Amanda – Three Years Of Being X-Cellent Together

Portraits , February 21, 2016

I met Matt when he came to me for Formal Graduation Portrait Photography at my Xcel Photography studio located at 18 College St. in Antigonish..  A few weeks later, Matt asked if I’d be interested in shooting an anniversary shoot for him and his partner of three years, Amanda.

Of course I was interested, I love portrait photography.  Matt had two requests before we started.  The first, was to get a “ring-shot” where both their STFX, X-Rings were in the foreground, and they were a bit blurry in the background.  No problem.  The second request was that the shoot take place at the Antigonish Landing because it was a spot with special significance for them.  Again, I love the landing so no problem there either.

Here’s where my nervousness set in: Matt and Amanda both finished work at 5pm, and were going to make their way to the shoot afterwards.  Meanwhile, the sun sets at this time of year at about 5:45pm.  Not, starts to set at 5:45pm.  The sun is GONE at 5:45pm.  The pressure was on, to have all my equipment and my lighting assistant ready to go for our 5pm meet up, and then to start shooting as soon as humanly possible, especially considering we had to walk about 15 minutes from the parking lot to get to our spot.

We hit the ground running and the first few frames of the shoot depict the sun disappearing in the background.  Then we got a few images with the darker sky behind us a bit further down the trail.

With the last few grains of daylight dropping through the hourglass, we moved to the middle of an empty street and used the streetlights in the background as points of interest (and we had already got our ring shots by this point).  So we had our images, but I really wanted just a few more with a bit more diversity of setting.  I suggested one more location change.

We moved on to “The Mount” on campus at St. Francis Xavier University because it’s where Matt and Amanda had met.  I was really pleased to shoot there because I had my eye on the arches and big stone architecture for quite some time.

I was so excited about the images on my memory card, I worked on all the images until they were ready the next day!  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

























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