General Questions
Who owns the rights to the images?
Technically, by legal definition, a photographer own the rights to images they capture. That said, the images I take while I’m working for you are shared between us. Some photographers will maintain exclusive rights to their images, preventing them from being printed or shared electronically without permission. I encourage you to share the images I’ve taken, I just ask that you include my website when posting to social networking sites like Facebook, because of the business exposure that generates. I also ask that you never enter any of my photographs in contests or claim that you took them yourself. I retain the right to use the images for my website.  I may use any of the images on my website or Facebook page as part of my portfolio for promotional purposes.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, I accept cheque, cash or bank-draft. Most people pay by emailing funds through online banking.
When is payment due?
Payment for events and portraits can be payed on the date, however I ask that the balance for weddings be made at one week in advance of the wedding date.
Can I get all the original files?
I provide high-resolution and low-resolution images in JPEG only.  I do not provide any RAW versions of my images.  My rates include my services as a photographer and editor of the images I take.  Consistent with the industry standard, I don’t sell the original data.
What kind of equipment do you use?
I’m a Nikon guy, and I use two professional full frame bodies with five top-of the line lenses ranging from ultra-wide to telephoto. I also travel with extra batteries, three flashes and all the accessories I will need to capture your moments professionally.
Do you re-touch images for things like skin-imperfections?
I can, and often do re-touch images, however I will not edit out acne, scars etc.. unless I’m asked to first.

What's the process for booking a wedding?
The first thing you want to do, is make a booking as soon as you’re sure of the wedding date. You can reserve a date with a $500 deposit, I then like to speak with each of you to get a sense of how you are and what you’re looking for. This gives you an opportunity to know what I’m like and to ask questions, and it gives me an opportunity so gain some insight into your personalities, tastes and some of the background information that allows me to take such personalized images. After we’ve met, Skyped or have spoken on the phone I’ll ask for the following:

  • An itinerary of the wedding events
  • Addresses of all the wedding locations
  • A list of all the family shots you’d like
  • A list of desired shots (I get the standard moments, but let me know if there are any particulars or something I might not expect)
  • Any surprises you might be planning that are unique to your special day.

Do you charge a travelling fee?
If I can reasonably drive back to Antigonish, I don’t charge a travel fee.  If my only safe option is to stay the night locally before driving back, I only charge for accommodation (for weddings in Nova Scotia & PEI).
How much time would you suggest I book?
Most weddings are between six and eight hours, however I’ve shot upwards of 14 hours on more than one occasion! Here are some key parts of the wedding day you might want covered:

  • Bride getting ready (hair, make-up, getting into the dress)
  • Groom getting ready (this would be at the same location or staggered for time)
  • Ceremony
  • Couple together alone after ceremony
  • Group and family shots
  • Candid shots of guests before reception
  • Reception
  • First dance(s)
  • Group dancing shots (half an hour is sufficient to cover this part)

What should I/we wear?
Wear something colourful, but solids tend to look the strongest and are the least distracting. Avoid clothing with logos or text, unless it’s part of the subject of the photographs (ie. fun t-shirts). Some people choose to co-ordinate all or parts of their clothing for family portraits, but this isn’t necessary of course.
How much time should I book?
Usually an hour is sufficient, however they often go longer, and the photographs get progressively better as subjects relax and a great chemistry builds between photographer and subject(s).
Where do portraits take place?
Your custom portraits can be done on-location at your home, or in dozens of beautiful locations in urban or rural settings. For engagement, family and child(ren) portraits I like to move around and incorporate walks, and play.