Catherine’s Family

Families , August 19, 2015

When Catherine emailed me about a family portrait session in Belle Côte, Cape Breton I already had my boots on.  I haven’t spent much time in Cape Breton, but I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been there, and love opportunities to go back when they’re presented.  I knew that Catherine was coming from Toronto with her Husband, teenage step-son, and two toddlers aged three and one.  I arrived early to assess the light and scout out some good locations, but Catherine had beat me to the punch finding a really outstanding beach and scenic backdrop not far from where they were staying.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the whole scene came together as people walked away from our part of the beach and the sun started to set near a picturesque rocky outcropping.  I felt a bit of pressure at first because there was a last minute phone call they wanted to facilitate before we started our shoot.  I was happy that I had set an early date for meeting up, and that the sky continues to ripen throughout the golden hour.

I’ve included a few of my favourite image from the shoot below:













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