Behind The Lens

I’m one of those very fortunate people for whom passion is profession.

I am truly blessed with both my career and my personal life.  It’s been quite the adventure, and in many ways, it feels like things are really beginning!14375178_10209035321232864_532013388_o-t




 Short Biography

My journey started with a fascination of people and their stories.  I completed a degree in Anthropology and Sociology at St. Francis Xavier University and Dalhousie University in Halifax.  A few years later I traveled all the way to the University of Auckland in New Zealand where I was certified as a high school teacher.  After having taught at the high school level in Halifax and Toronto, I continued on to Ottawa for five years, where I taught Photography and Fine Arts at the high school level.

It was during these teaching years that I developed myself as a professional photographer.  I really enjoyed applying my knowledge of people to my understanding of the principles of photography and composition.

While continuing to teach photography and shoot weddings and portraits, my photographs were noticed by several curators who worked for Getty Images.  As Getty has distribution offices all over the world, my photographs have been published on book covers, in magazines and for companies all over the world.  In May of 2012, one of my photographs was published by the New York Times.

In the summer of 2012, I decided to leave a great career in education to pursue my unstoppable passion for photography.  Deciding to be surrounded by all my passions in my favorite place in the world, I decided to move to Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

I currently license images exclusively with Getty Images. I’ve sold images in nearly every continent, to leading companies and organizations and media outlets including:

The New York Times + Cosmopolitan Magazine + Reader’s Digest + MSNBC + AOL + Microsoft + Shaw Media Pacific + Google + BBC + American Lung Association + American Girl Magazine + Rosetta Stone Publishing + Refinery Marketing + ACP Magazines + Eurobank + Titleist & FootJoy Worldwide + Daily Mail + Anderson DDB