There’s A Cabin In The Woods

Families , January 14, 2015

There’s a cabin in the woods in Maryvale.  Its wood frame, cut from the surrounding trees, resonates with the laughter of a very warm family.  The family is solid, cut from the surrounding stones, and their merriment can be heard from Maryvale to North Grant.

DSC_7049Holly contacted me about winter portraits, captured at her family’s cabin in Maryvale.  “A few nice images of us outside”, she inquired, “mostly casual and a few overly posed photos in ugly Christmas sweaters”.  “Would that be possible”?


Clearly my kind of people.

We’d put off our shoot once because of freezing rain.  I was disappointed, and I knew Holly must have been as well, because she’d driven all the way from Halifax (as had one of her two brothers).  The morning of the shoot I woke up to weather that seemed to have been custom ordered just for photographs.  It wasn’t too cold, there was snow like icing on the trees, and a wide open sky.  I looked over my gear, made sure my batteries were charged, polished my lenses, checked the forecast by the hour for the end of the day and packed the car.  After having driven to town, I purchased batteries for my flash and picked up my lighting assistant.

Then I called Holly to confirm directions.

Her father picked up the phone.

“No shoot”, he says.  “She cancelled from Halifax a little while ago.”

“Ha!  Just kidding,” he adds, and I hear Holly roaring in the background.  Holly picks up the phone and assures me that the rest of the day would be a lot like that.

She was right.

We had beautiful conditions for an outdoor shoot, and the crispness of the air was melted by the warmth of these wonderful folks with a great Nova Scotian sense of humour.  

Here are some of my favourite images from the day:



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